Yi Eyecare as of 2020

At Yi Eyecare, we care...

because we want you to build your own Vision, and go achieve it.

and because Vision is the art of seeing what others cannot see.

We want to be there in every part of your journey.


Who we are

We are a homegrown optical retail store in the heart of West Side,Yew Tee. 


Yi Eyecare was founded in 2001 and we have been in this area for over 20 years.

We provide full eye examinations, contact lens fitting and many other eyecare services available. We offer a variety of designer eyeglass frames and prescription glasses to inexpensive frames and glasses at affordable prices. We also carry a wide selection of conventional and coloured contact lenses

Our Optometrists and Opticians are fully licensed by the Ministry of Health. Our founders are also the core committee members of the Society of Opticianry Practitioners Association (SOP) in Singapore.


Our humble beginnings..

We started as Yi Optics in 1998 and changed to Yi Eyecare in 2001!

Over 20 years in Yew Tee Square, providing any and every service we have to our families, friends, neighbours and our customers.

We have developed many relationships with our partners as well as our community to provide the best service as a Singapore Heartland Store.

Our staff have been consistently upgrading over the years and ensuring the best standards of eyecare to be upon our customers, families and friends!

We are proud of our roots as well as our employees who have been part of this family over the years.

Throughout the years, one thing has always remained the same, and that is our motto, the kindle of fire inside us to always remember our aim.

Our Motto

Building your Vision,

Dreams and Aspirations

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Team yieyecare

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Team yispecs

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